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Teappcm, is the pioneer manufacturer supplier of Phase Change Materials for Air condition and heating, Electronic cooling etc and various Related Chemicals in India USA etc. It has several associated manufacturing facilities spread across the globe. No other vendor in the world knows the subject better than us. The participating units have one or more of the certifications like ISO-9001-2008, ISO-22000, Halal & Kosher Cettification. We also have "REACH" Preregistration.

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PCM Phase Change Material Manufacturers

Air Condition Back-up AC PCM Phase Change Material Manufacturers

Electronic Chamber Cooling BTS Telecom Shelter Retrofit Electronic Chamber Cooling
Electronic Cooling
Neatly Packed PCM Profiles in BTS Telecom Shelter

PCM AC, Natural Air conditioning with Phase Change Material PCM in Roof. Natural Air Conditioning
Natural Air-conditioning with PCM in Roof

PCM Cooled Building in Netherland Floating Balls of Rotterdam Inside Phase Change Material Air condition Phase Change Material Air Condition. Inside Floating Balls PCM AC. Floating Balls at Rotterdam
PCM Phase Change Material Cooled AC Air Conditioning done in Netherlands

PCM Heat Exchanger
Stackable HDPE Heat Exchange Panels.

Air conditioning by Phase Change Material - PCM is a new way of taking comfort and not damaging the environment. Our PCM - Phase Change Material was used by Autarkis in Netherlands and other european countries to cool offices. The melting point was set at 21oC by selecting a suitable PCM - Phase Change Material. The climate in Europe permits such melting point for equalising day and night temperature. The experience iof cooling with PCM - Phase Change Material is described as a very pleasant one. Unlike with the conventional Air conditions there is no irritation of air blowing.

An example of the method of calculating the PCM - Phase Change Material based air conditioning system is given in Phase Change Material Air Condition, Green House & Electronic Cooling.

For a Live-Site Trial of Air-condition Back-up click Phase Change Material PCM for AC Back up in telecom Shelter
For maintaining a Green House at 16oC click Green House Cooling by PCM - Phase Change Material
If you are a student of Phase Change Material, please visit FAQ on Phase Change Material - PCM
Proposal for passive Air conditioning of Hall in Bangalore

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PCM Phase Change Material Manufacturers:

TEL: 91-22-23770100, 23774610, 23723564. FAX: 91-22-23728264.

Email: anmol@pcmenergy.com

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